Yes life is pleasant when it is real and qualitative.

We welcome you to White Gold the home of original and life pleasant electronics.

We offer you the real sense of electronic beauty and quality in all of our products raging from refregirators, air conditions, central unit air condition system, water unit dispersals and what have you in the World of electronics.

Contact info:

Head Office: 1, Uche Ubochi Close, Ojo Alaba Int’l Market Road, Lagos.

Tel: 09099276622, 09098673223, 07044984454.

Alaba Int’l Market StoresStores:

Shop B3 / B7

Tel: 07044984449, 07044984453.


Gold Crown Hotel Resort & Suites Ltd, Plot 90/91 Old ‘D’ Layout By 43, PortHarcourt Road, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria.

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