Underwater professional divers must be multifaceted in their training, and they are expected to perform under extreme and inhospitable conditions.

An integral skill for any professional diver is to have a firm understanding of the principles of underwater construction and how this type of construction is utilized.

For instance, divers are often employed to weld on underwater structures – including pipelines, dams, bridge piers, and retaining walls – and the diver must be knowledgeable about the underwater construction techniques and tools which contribute to the creation and maintenance of these underwater structures.

Oftentimes, professional divers employ a variety of specialty tools such as underwater saws, torches, and welding rods, to repair and maintain a variety of underwater structures such as the ones listed above.

As to the course of carrying out a traditional construction above water; safety is a top priority in marine construction. Divers must communicate closely with topside on the status of the task at hand so that both parties can operate efficiently for safely.

Underwater inspection is also a vital component to underwater construction. Divers must be able to survey the condition of existing structures and relay this information to topside. Divers are often outfitted with underwater cameras to provide valuable information which can be analyzed after the inspection has been completed. Remotely controlled submersible vessels may also be used to inspect structures when circumstances call for such measures to be taken.

Underwater construction is utilized by the US Navy and several other countries around the World by specialized private professional diving companies to carry out a variety of tasks pertaining to underwater infrastructure. Whether it is a construction or repair, the obvious is that it is professional divers that will be the ones to help carry out the task at hand.

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