Audacity of the African child to conquer no matter what the circumstances and the odds are. That is what Fame Agidife, the CEO/Founder of Famepidia and the Author of the book HOPE ALIVE YES WE CAN related through his personal life experiences with the use of poetry, prose and a wide range of personal speeches that were collected from Fame Agidife Leadership Lecture Series. A Childhood experience to adulthood and his everyday life hassles and activism which he described as ‘Fame Agidife legendary journey’.

It is all about the people, the innocent children, the communities and the land being ravaged by poverty that is caused by excessive government militarization of the area, unending militant unrest and the worst of it all the toxic waste from the activities of the oil companies who settled in the oil rich land that aught to develop the people and the land but chose to poison the water, the fishes, the land, the crops and the people that inhabit the Creek land of the Niger-Delta of Nigeria.

“Mother and four children altogether five sleeping in one mosquito net. Mother will not sleep and she will keep on wiping off mosquitoes from the body of children all night long.

Mother won’t you sleep? If I sleep how will you and your siblings sleep ? I asked you people to sew the mosquito net immediately you people return from school but it entered a deft ear; now see how mosquitoes have invaded the entire net. Close your eyes and sleep, tomorrow is school.”

The climax of the book is the author’s personal feelings, his emotional outburst, his sympathy for the poor and his agony for African underdevelopment and his personal perspectives on general life issues pertaining to social economic issues of our everyday life. Perspectives and retrospects that were mainly inspired by the author’s life legendary journey in the land of the poor and the sheer determination of the modern day African child to make the African dream work irrespective of the underdevelopment and lack of the infrastructural challenges that bedeviled the land. Feelings he never shied away from but rather expressed in a very passionate and emotional language throughout the book.

“Sincerely, the thoughts of the African self inflicted underdevelopment and how to make the African dream work are costing me all night sleep and are killing me slowly.”

The book talked about the low esteem attitude of the poor towards life fundamental issues and how that makes the difference on what the rich do that make them rich that the poor do not do that make them poor which was the author’s major findings in his journey in the land of the poor.

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