Poverty we dare, primitivity was a default, social connections were prison walls and going to school was a pain in the throat of our poverty ravaged parents.

Those of us that made it from the bottom side of life to become among the World greats only made it on the audacity of hope and by the special mightiness of God.

Our greatest World of fantasy was Iyede-Ame Grammar School. The mother hen that raised us all up from the Isoko-Ame Island, the Creek side of Delta -State of Nigeria to become all kinds of ambassadors across the wider world.

Right there in secondary school our life were full of dreams. We did not see reason why some of our older ones who happened to have passed out of secondary school ahead of us could not just write their Joint admission and matriculation board examination (JAMB) once and go to the university and become great lawyers, great writers, great doctors, great engineers, great leaders and what have you in the likes of the Rotimi Williams, Chief Ganifewehemi, Wole Soyika, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chinue Achebe, the great Zik of Africa, the great Nkwame Krumah, Julius Nyerere Kambarage of Tazania and the rest of them that truly made Africa proud. And as to us the then silent critics, it was just a matter of time and we shall know whether we will follow the path of those great Africans of both the old and of the present that some of us so much admired or the path of those of our same older ones whom we once criticized.

Sometimes we even wondered why did they not even venture into businesses to meet up with life of the upper class even if they could not follow up with their academic life to the top. Or was it that they were not brilliant enough or were they not focused enough to push themselves up to the top? But some did took first positions throughout their secondary school days. Life itself is a mystery though; and sooner than later time shall tell on our own side of the story.

We graduated from the same secondary school and life dispatched us all to all kinds of places as an ambassadors. Some are in even in death, some are still living. Among those of us that are still living; some are in the upper class of life, some are in the middle class while some others are in the bottom side of life.

We went to farm after school, in the evening, the females cooked our meals and sometimes joined by our mothers. And after meals we did our school assignments and later we went out for play.

“Work without play makes Jack a dull boy”.

We watched the ‘ikelike’ and the ‘opiri’ dance during festivals and events.

We play the ‘ugbamaleke’ blindfolded play (which someone will have his eyes blindfolded while jumping across the lines). We spread ourselves to form a circle with our hands grabbed unto each other with one person at the center of the circle. And we sang; ‘jose mererokpo gbalo’, ‘jose mererokpo gbalo’ (meaning where will I pass to go, tie; where will I pass to go, tie). We also played the hiding game. We did meet at a spot and we dispersed once into different hiding locations to hide and one person goes on for the search and sometimes we pair ourselves for safety purposes. Some of these plays were mostly done under the moonlight during outside night relaxations.

These African local dances and plays go beyond just mere human entertainment; they were with life valuable lessons which time was only using to prepare us for task ahead of us when we finally become grown up adults.

The ‘ikelike masquerade dance’ was actually a total display of the African power and tradition. In Africa there is this traditional belief that in everything you do in life you should arm yourself for protection with the African power; else, there are other forces that might be interested in pinning you down from moving forward irrespective of how skillful or how good you are.

The ‘opiri’ dance was all about the energetic flair of the African life. The energy, the energy, the energy and the energy … As an African you truly need the energy to push yourself up for victory for Africa is not yet a land of lazybones nor fund raising for starters.

The ‘ugbamaleke’ (blindfolded) play taught us about some decisions and risks we do take in life are taking blindly and with no fault of ours but the truth is in life we do not truly know it all and that is what life itself in its biggest mystery do exploit against us in times of downfalls.

The desperation of some several adults to sacrifice whoever they feel is on their way for survival for the fittest of which we often experience in our everyday life is a clear reflection of the ‘gbalo’ circle play. As grown up adults we have leant to be strong and firm because there are so many out there whom are looking for weak paths as an escaping route to their own destiny.

Life did not give some of us the chance to bask in the euphoria of our graduation. I left for Lagos City immediately I got promoted into final year class ( SSIII). And the others got dispersed into different hiding places immediately after graduation. And only those who now later make it in life are the today’s heroes who come out openly to ask about the others in their palatial style of opulence not for a hand of fellowship but to know who meet up into the life of the upper class and the other classes to know who to relate with and not to just as it is in marketing where you have to know the right audience to market your products or services to.

Living in the rural African life right there in the hinterland was fun though but it was hard, tough and bad.

Hard, tough and bad in the sense that infrastructural development is zero; no real motorable access road, no electricity supply, no pipe bore water, no internet system, no library and no even generator light supply …

Yes unto God all things are possible and by audacity of hope I stood not to stare at the wailing faces of poverty ravaged people of Warri and its environs when I initiated Enerhen Poverty Alleviation MPCS Ltd for the people of Enerhen – Warri and Hope Alive International for the people of Main-Warri, Ekete Water Side, Main Market-Warri, Udu, Ehwokpakrame, Ugolo, Ororokpe, Eku, Koko-Iri, Agbarhoh, Ughele and more with the people of Delta State of Nigeria.

As to how bad it is are in the Petition: ISOKO-AME NEED ROAD AND SOCIAL AMENITIES which I wrote to the Delta State government under the then Dr Emmanuel Ehweta Uduaghan as Governor and I published it in the social media community and copied him as direct message (DM) On the 29th of March, 2012 but to no reply. And I herewith thus:

This badge boat is the most reliable means for both humans, vehicles, goods and animals pass across to Isoko- Ame, Ase creek at the mouth of river Niger of Delta- State where Iyede- Ame I come from is located.

The question now is what does the Delta state government doing to the plight of these people?

I stand to represent the people living in these communities of Isoko-Ame, comprises of Iyede-Ame,Lagos-Iyede,Ewho-Okorafo,Onogboko,Ige,Acra-Iti,Acra-Obodo,UMUORU,ONYIA,ADIAWHA,EWHARE-IRI,IKPIDIAMA and the whole of other communities in that ASE CREEK Island through this medium.

I know Governor Emmanuel Uduagha is my great friend and he is going to read this and as to that I do not stand on this medium to attack his administration but I stand on this medium on the ground of EQUITY and JUSTICE. The poor people living in these communities, who do not have road access to their neighboring communities, these poor old men and women who labour to pay their taxes, these poor widows and widowers who labour to exercise their franchise in every elections as their fundamental human right just to be paid back on mere deceptive electoral promises I stand for.

I pause to ask where the EQUITY and JUSTICE His Excellency sworn to uphold, where are the WILL and the CONSCIENCE these commoners trusted and voted for?

I strongly believe these rural communities’ dwellers and their children deserve a better living because they are equal humans just like the politicians are, also GOD’S CHILDREN, so, they deserve no lesser bargain than their counterparts in other rural communities irrespective of any political influences backing them up, we all have equal stakes in both the taxes we pay and the mineral resources being derived from our areas for the total development of the entire state. 

I stand to challenged His Excellency to pay a visit to these communities I mentioned above and see for himself whether there is any iota of truth alleged on this allegation that is incorrect.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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Ozi Chris now i can see iyede-ame are now talking of the bad road, thank you for this talk the road need full constrution

March 30 at 10:41am · Like

Igbuku Stanley i marcus ogbiafo, formal PDP youth leader isoko north support the cry of his maternal people of iyede-ame & lagos iyede in particular for their agitations. i hereby appeal to the sta…See More

April 2 at 5:25am · Unlike · 1

Fame Ufuoma Agidife It is now imperative to note that all the cries of social injustice by ISOKO-AME People concerning ROAD AND SOCIAL AMENITIES in their area have deliberately been ignored by His Excellency while he keeps on posting some frivolous pictures of white elephant projects that will never come to actualization.

April 16 at 5:59am · Like

Akpavie Abednego Joshua @Ufoma and Stanley.
With your position, have you been able to establish a formal contact with Mr. Governor,

it should not just stop here. What has the community done as a body to lure the presence of the government to come to their aid?

April 16 at 6:12am · Like

 My Response to my Criticics in regards to the petition above and among whom where some Elites from my Community.


By Fame Ufuoma Agidife on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 2:29am ·

I do not lead you neither is you my follower, if you are my follower you will not cast a stone on me in the manner you have chosen. My followers do not throw jabs and stones on their leader, they listen to my voice and follow their leader.You do not choose me so cast your stone gently so that you will not incur the wrath of HE that anointed me from my mother’s womb as a leader.

I do not know who you are! You are not my follower neither are you a leader, maybe an amorphous creature specifically a mermaid; neither a fish nor a woman, and the day you die you will be grouped somewhere, something like a ‘coward.’

I have been crowned as a leader right back in the creek when we did empowered the widows, the widowers, the petty traders, the motherless children and the poor people of Niger-Delter.

We face the gun-bout, the cutlass, the broken bottles; we were tied, bundled out, held hold stage and kidnapped. The state apparatus; the army and the police were used on us yet our GOD did not allow us to see them not even to be deterred by them neither quiver. And we continue on our ‘VOW’ no surrender no vanquished until poverty is conquered.

Apart from human empowerment I lead people through my editorials on National issues, my Oppressed Niger-Delter people and global poverty eradication solutions.

I do not know who you are, neither heard nor read what you have done that makes you feel special, special like an Angel, Saint Paul or John.

I agreed that I was a fallen man, and ‘he that is down fear no fall.’ I fell from the peak down flat and I know the ordeal it takes to be a fallen man, so, I will not opened my teeth to laugh at someone, but you can because you have not experienced a magic like that in this world.

I fell and my GOD spoke to me, “my Son, I  make you rise and still allow you to fall for a certain reason  best known to me only, but I will give you a second chance and you shall rise again, roar and thunder over all your enemy and they shall be quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  

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