Arise my beautiful Princess,

Aspire, tower, soar higher and let the Angels hover over higher on the echo of your orchestral.

Dance the beautiful dance and let the whole world see you dance as you soar higher.

Hay sayers say love is a special feeling.
Hay I say unto you:

Love is a beautiful thing,
Love is an ambience,
Love is a serenity,
Love is a sweet orchestral that sustains the soul …

Dance and flair,
Dance to elegance,
Dance the beautiful dance,
Dance to flourish,
Dance and let the whole world see you dance.

Arise, aspire, tower higher, hover and soar higher.
Arise and lift up the palate,
Arise and raise up the orchestral,
Arise, aspire, tower and let the whole World see you soar higher.

While your palate was so seductive my Princess,
My stone heart got meltdown,
While my head was so judgmental and critical,
My feet got blown off the ground by the echo of your orchestral.

High up the roof so high,
My guardian Angels could not even salvage me from laden onto your laps … Kisses my beautiful Princess !

What a power ?
No one like love.

Blow it up the temple roof so high …
Higher, higher, higher … Higher, higher, higher …

Brig it on,
Bring on the echo,
Bring on the rhythm,
Blow it up the heavens so high,
Obeisance to the most High;
Bow as His presence passes by,
Tower and aspire as the Angels hover over your orchestral.

As you celebrate, I bond with you in all of the Day’s excitements just as LOVE turns on the beats of the soul.

Dance to flourish at the crescendo,
Soar higher and hover higher at the climax of the orchestral.

Thank God for the Salvos ! if the soul is a spirit and the only ORCHESTRAL it dances to is LOVE; then bring it on …

Yours ever Prince Charming,

This written piece was inspired by the intellectuality, the beauty, the romance, the love, the hard work, the flair and the elegance of the African Woman to rise and conquer against all odds. Adore oh my beautiful African Woman !

Composed by:
Fame Agidife,
A Writer, Social Community Developer & Founder,

Published by:

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Writer / CEO & Founder, Famepidia & Group CEO, Faglomerate Group - Owner of Famepidia, Faglomerate Nig Ent., Mydive Intl, Deep Offshore Nig and P&T Furniture Etc. A pan Africanist, Blogger, Digital Economist, Social Community Developer and entrepreneur.


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