Our core values in the course of our engagement in underwater professional maintenance jobs and engineering services to all of our clients are quality service delivery, living up to our brand name and value earned used to satisfaction on patronage to all clients etc.

Our Underwater Services on:
— Hull cleaning,
— Propeller polishing,
— Rig Spudcan,
— Underwater Inspection / Survey of Offshore Structure,
–Cable & Pipeline
–Deformation Measurement of free Span and High Span,
–Underwater Maintenance / Repair and Installation,
–Underwater Pipeline Rectification,
— underwater Installation and Engineering,
— underwater Construction and Pipe Laying Support,
— underwater Digital Photography,
— underwater Digital Video Recording,
— Underwater NDT Inspection and Certification,
— Magnetic Particle Inspection,
— Ultrasonic Wall Thickness measurements,
Cathodic Protection Measurement,
– Marine Growth Measurement,
– Scouring and Debris Survey,
– Riser & Riser Clamp Inspection,
– UT. Scan,

– Underwater Dry and Wet Welding,
– Underwater Oxy Cutting / Burning and Cool Cutting,
– Underwater Explosive / Demolition,
– Underwater Cleaning (Water Jetting and Grid Blasting System),
– Underwater Painting, Coating and Wrapping,
– Underwater Grout bag and Sandbag (pipeline support) services are topnotch.

The reputation of our brand and the timely expediency of our client’s desired end use are our ultimate priorities.

Contact us at:

Number 84, Phase 4, Mammy Market, Nigeria Navy, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Base 1: Ijegun Waterside, Satellite Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

Base 2: Coconut Waterway, By Custom Base, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

WhatsApp: +234-0807-3254-325


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