9 Months Diving course in Canada.

Form: $480 (US Dollar)
Course Fee: $32, 980 (US Dollar)

Famemarine 1 year international Partnership Training in Canada and all of our other international Partnerships afford graduated students internationally recognized certification to become recognized as core international experts in anywhere of their practiced around the World. It also offers an apple opportunity to those who wished to have a greener pasture with a better paid jobs in Canada and other countries of viable economies around the world.

Local training Centre:
Form: $100

Open Diving Training (ODT) $900

Advance Open Diving Training (ADT) $1100

Famarine / De Blue Sea International.

Contact us at:

Shop 84, Phase 4, Mammy Market, Nigeria Navy, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Base 1: Ijegun Waterside, Satellite Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

Base 2: Coconut Waterway, By Custom Base, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

WhatsApp: +234-0807-3254-325


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