How to make your mega million dollar box through Famepidia !

Famepidia is a social community hub that has all you need to translate all your ideas into ideals.

Famepidia is a money spinning website with all the features you need to earn money ranging from social community, forum, articles, project campaigns, e – commerce, tutorials and central blog that enable you to share all your works, your dreams, passion, talent and skills to other social media communities and to the rest of worldwide web.

Fame, how do you make money out of this your Famepidia ?

How can people make money through Famepidia ?

These are the questions that bombard me all day long in wherever I go and that is why I decided to write on this.

Yes we live in a crazy world where only money counts !!

I wanted to be crazier and be counted among the World craziest and smartest people that ever lived in my time and to enable me help a whole lot of people as much as I can before I leave the stage; so, I founded Famepidia for money making purpose for myself and for all its users. The very purpose I believe it is a justifiable reason for any single individual to have so much money beyond his personal needs.

How to make your mega million box through Famepidia !!!

Just like any other social media community in the worldwide web; first you get to grow your passion and improve on that your passion into becoming a real content developer, influencer, a blogger, entertainer or a project campaigner etc.

The entire world is crazy about money. The most searched item in the worldwide web today is how to make money.

Take a look at this; why is the entire world trooping into the social media community and not the churches nor the mosques where salvation ought to belong ? It is simple; that is where the money is. Even the churches, the mosques, the sorcerers and what have you all go to milk money in the social media community through the simple act of socializing their acts and relevance.

The social media community is a market square where everybody goes to display their goods for sale.

The big question is how do you get the enablement to get your own goods to sell or buy ? It is the answer to that enablement that Famepidia is designed as a special hub with special features to enable you designed your own content, blog, campaign, post and share to the rest of the world.

As millions of people go to the social media community daily to socialise the very essence of their acts and relevance so also millions of others go there to milk cow them through special presentations of contents on how they can look far more better in their own professional careers.

How the dollar counts through Famepidia !!

Follow the following steps:

Step ( 1)
You must register as a user.
Step (2)
Send a DM (direct message) to Famepidia that “I want to grow my passion through my blog ”
Step (3)
A reply will be sent to your DM as “add your profile image and your cover photo” if you have not already done that before and after that your blog post will be activated for you to start growing your passion.
Improve on your content to become a real content developer, community influencer, blogger, entertainer or a project campaigner
Step (5)
Tag your real audience on your post as you blog to enable your real target audience see your work.
Step (6)
Let your ideas, your blog write up, your content, your campaign ads and your post pass the message in such a way that your audience should shout wow !
Step (7)
Do not be carried a way with the paparazzi; you are a professional money spinning marching and all that matters to you is how the money counts either through the cheque or through the transfer. So, the number of your followers do not really matter to you that much but all that matters to you is how your post and you can be seen as a real professional who can handle their job when given the deals. A whole lot of professional content developers out there do not have that large followership some even delete those they do not know from their contacts and timelines except those in the entertainment sector who truly needs the paparazzi for their celebrity status however the others make all their money through those who contact them through seeing their post and offer them a special deals.
Step (8)
Once your content is captivating and appealing enough to the right audience they will DM you to offer you a deal. Reply them immediately on how you can actually add more values to their work and promote their work for the right objectives.
Step (9)
Every website in the worldwide web has its special purpose and features; so, your purpose in Famepidia is to work and be enabled to share that work to outside communities if you want; use it as your personal hub to market your products, do your work just the way you want it and share to others to make your special deals. How many deals you can make depends on how good you are on your work and that determines how fast you can grow in making your mega million dollar box.
Step (10)
Be innovative with your work. There is a lot of competition out there in anything you have decided to do in this world, so do not play at it, how good you are in it makes all the difference.
Step (11)
You must carry out a wide range of research on how others are succeeding on that same thing that you are doing and see how you can get something outside the box and become a big different out there among the world of the rich.
Step 12:
You can make video or GIF to promote paid adverts for your clients, add-on, sponsored messages and personal campaign for yourself. All depends on how crazier you can go in your World of creative genius. Apart from blogging I am more attuned to making of videos and GIF in almost all of my campaigns. I use GIF and videos to make paid adverts and promotions for clients and to promote contents for Famepidia. I designed my videos and my GIF uniquely to my own style specifically for Famepidia and its clients only. If you see my videos my GIF are not hard to be recognized because I have a way using Famepidia contents to decorate them as special security features. Facebook designs their own to promote their users and as their emoji features, the same with tumbr and several other sites and you too can do it.

Step 13:
If you are a skillful writer who can make a great pull of audience trafficking into your account through your blog pose and become well known on a specific subject matter, you will be surprised with the number of big companies that will place their advertorials at the top of your journals on your daily and Weekly publishing and on that you do not need to be told of where your passion must have placed you in among the top.

If you may ask me, poverty is just a mindset that turned a circle of evil upon individual and one can actually get out of it only if that individual is willing to do so.

We live in the 21st century era where the World is all about possibilities and impossibilities are nothing; and there is no limit or boundary to how far one can go with his dreams. Just go out there and create your one World, take it and live in it. I have created my own World, create yours and together we can make the World a better place.

“Hope alive yes we can.”

I am Fame Agidife, a writer, social community developer and founder, Famepidia.

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