De Blue Sea International is a commercial diving underwater professional firm that is pride itself in the underwater profession through the maintenance and overhauling of the onshore and offshore vessels along the African coastline.

Yes De Blue Sea International is a pride to the African underwater profession and a key component to the economic sustainability of the African maritime !!!

Our Core Areas Of Specializations:

We undertake underwater construction, retrieval of wrecked vessels inspection, welding, repairs, deep sea exploration, photography, videoing, hull cleaning, clearing of onshore front for shipping landings, cleaning and maintenance of oil pipeline spillages.

Our Core Values:

Our core values are to speeding up service delivery for the offshore oil and gas exploration, production companies, commercial vessels and each and everyone of our clients to have value appreciation for the services they paid for.

Types Of Diving Services:

Onshore Diving
In our exploration as onshore divers we are more concerned with engineering projects where a team of our qualified and competent divers work alongside the engineering companies mostly in freshwater such as rivers, lakes, and even dams. Our divers help to survey or build bridges and dams. This is not as difficult as offshore diving because divers don’t have to spend long hours on ships. Onshore divers can go home after a day’s work.

Commercial Diving In Similarities Of Military Divers When In offshore.

While our services are rendered to private companies military divers renders theirs as special professionals for special mission as trained special units for all branches of the armed forces; including the navy, army, marines, air force and coast guard. Scope of their operations includes:

Search and recovery, search and rescue, underwater surveys, explosive ordnance disposal, demolition, underwater engineering, salvage, ships husbandry, reconnaissance, infiltration, sabotage, counter infiltration,inspection of underwater wreckages, recovery of plane crashed, underwater combat and security surveillance etc.

This is a more dangerous job than other commercial diving works because in this circumstances divers are to deal with hazardous materials that exposes divers to the risk of contracting diseases which might put their lives in danger and that is why employers use safety measures like vaccinations against tetanus, hepatitis, and other diseases. There are specific places for decontaminating the divers and equipment used after a dive and contingency plans if the divers encounter a problem while underwater.

The work of a HAZMAT commercial diver includes the following:

Recovering of dead bodies, lost objects, maintenance of underwater valves, repairing of pipelines, maintenance of pumping equipment to improve landfill sites welding inside sewers pollution and control work.

Scientific Divers.
These divers are also scientists. They usually work with government agencies and universities since they collect underwater samples used in research programs.

Media Divers
These divers perform underwater filming and photography. They usually work for movie and television companies. They must be trained camera operators and are responsible for planning, researching, preparing equipment, and capturing the shot. This is a job that requires a lot of multi tasking capabilities.

What is the workplace of a Commercial Diver like?

In the U.S., a commercial diver may spend a lot of hours at work. It is also common for divers to spend days or weeks on site, especially for offshore and media divers, and not have days off. Onshore divers have a more favourable workplace since they work mostly in freshwater, and their hours are close to normal. HAZMAT divers have a more dangerous workplace, so employers make sure that they are kept safe through vaccines, proper equipment, and specialized areas where they can decontaminate.

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