THE NBA 2K20 demo is being released in August on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As one of the major currencies in the game, NBA 2K20 MT is indispensable in the game. u4gm big promotion, selling Cheap NBA 2K20 MT, sufficient inventory, safe payment, fast delivery. Before the game starts, let’s take a look at how 2k should improve my career in NBA 2K20.

A Better Story
MyCareer has always set itself apart due to giving players a structured narrative that often features a famous celebrity. NBA 2K20 should try and return to form by providing players with a worthwhile and engaging story.

Smoother Neighborhood
The Neighborhood is a prominent part of MyCareer as it allows you to explore an area filled with other human-controlled and created basketball players. Trading in fewer players on screen for a stronger connection could be the best decision moving forward.

Fewer Ads
Despite being the king of NBA games, the 2K series has recently received criticism for including actual ads in their loading screens.

Lessen Overall Upgrade Spike
In NBA 2K games you upgrade your player in MyCareer by using VC tokens which can be earned in-game or purchased via microtransactions. The issue with this is that as a business you want to incentivize your audience into purchasing your currency, but the fact that it’s the only way to upgrade your player means that you have to make it harder to acquire in-game or create spikes.

Online Functionality
It’s amazing that a game that makes as much money as NBA 2K does, has latency and connectivity issues in 2019. This damages the overall user experience and makes the general player less likely to return to these modes.

Better Mini-Games
NBA 2K19 allowed players to engage in various mini-games that didn’t necessarily include a basketball. People had the opportunity to engage in bike races, dodgeball, among other things. This is a neat trend that should continue in their next entry in the series.

Better Starting Clothing
Every NBA 2K player knows about the starter clothing everyone begins MyCareer with. They’re ugly for a reason, and that reason is that 2K wants you to either choose to use your upgrade points on clothes or your overall or go buy some currency via microtransactions. Though they want to make money, it wouldn’t hurt to give players several ugly outfits or pieces of clothing to choose from. Variety is the spice of life, even on a basketball court.

A New Apartment
One thing that hasn’t changed a bit in recent years is the MyCourt apartment players have in MyCareer. It features the same exact layout with virtually no changes at all. This needs to be corrected in NBA 2K20 in some capacity.

Reward Authentic Play
The MyCareer mode should do a better job overall of rewarding players who play a more authentic style so they don’t feel the need to have to post ridiculous numbers just to upgrade their player.

March Madness
2K could implement a system where you get difficulty multipliers for taking lesser-known or successful programs farther into the tournament. This would allow players to carve out their own journey to the NBA and make their experience feel uniquely crafted for them.

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