Madden 19 doesn’t have tracking. Stats and documents play such a huge role in the demonstration of real-life NFL broadcasts, and that ought to be the same in Madden. If, years into your Franchise, Baker Mayfield shirts Drew Brees’ on pass competitions, we need the sport to Madden 20 coins shout from the rooftops about it. There should be chants, fan banners and special comment lines. Not only that, the game should also have particular XP rewards for breaking documents and put more strain on how tough they are to beat. Put it this way: when we switch groups in Franchise, we want to know the history of our new team.

This one’s a bit quirky. If you don’t opt to dial the difficulty down to super-easy in 19, it is likely you’ll fight to achieve the Playoffs in Franchise with some of this game’s worst teams. By way of example, assisting the Browns (even with first-year QB Mayfield) to the final 12 is tough, and so is giving Matt Patricia some pleasure in his debut season as Detroit’s coach.In Madden 20, EA could and should add the option to play AI teams after yours has been removed from contention. Rack a measly 0-17 record since the Lions? No problem. Take control of the Patriots and march full-steam into that Playoff bye knowing you’ll be throwing bombs as Tom Brady soon.

Is this cheating? Sort of, but there doesn’t have to be any participant reward for actually winning. Instead, it would give everybody the chance to see a complete season through, encounter the Super Bowl and get a feel for what it would be like to carry their franchise to the dance.Attention, EA Sports: all 32 NFL teams do not share the exact same training facility. The Steelers don’t come in on Wednesday, chip off that Titans emblem, slap their very own one onto the construction and get to work. That’d be ridiculous, but it’s seemingly how things operate in Madden’s universe.

A little variation would go a very long way here.Nobody is indicating that EA must fully replicate Pittsburgh’s training camp at Saint Vincent College or whatever, however they should have a different centre template to everybody else. We’re sick of seeing exactly the same one, essentially, because it makes clinics boring, lifeless affairs which don’t reflect actual NFL culture.Seeing that the Florida sun pour down on the Buffalo Bills during mid-December training drills is strange, and it doesn’t add up when they’re then braving snow drifts at New Era Field come the weekend. Having the ability to buy Mut 20 coins train is fundamental stuff.

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