It all could be a shame. It is merely coincidence or an unusual confluence of events in a league and sport where injuries are all too common. There is no way that the Madden Curse — if a participant looks on the cover of Madden, and then ends up mut coins madden 20 injured or his creation drops the subsequent season — is anything other than happenstance. And… for each Calvin Johnson, who set an NFL record with 1,964 receiving yards in his pay period of 2012, there is a Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis or Troy Polamalu.

Not every player was destructively cursed in his cover season: For example, Marshall Faulk’s appearance on the cover of Madden 2003 arrived after he was 29 years old, therefore it is natural he would decline (though he was a Pro Bowler that year and hurried for 953 yards while catching 537 more yards in receptions). But there are many, many cases of players who suffered injuries or worse, including this year’s cover boy, Patrick Mahomes, who suffered a dislocated kneecap last Thursday.

They tweeted a confirmation of repair, but still no sympathy for lovers of the game.A couple leagues responded into the tweet with pleasure at being able to come back to the match, but theres no doubt that this has done some damage to EA’s standing amongst CFM players.

It does not take long to find the criticism of why EA has not gone away today that a repair has been rolled out. There is a lot of frustration amongst the fan base, and a big issue is that there doesn’t appear to be much indication it would not happen again.

In the event the problems continue, EA could question whether the’juice is worth the squeeze’. It is entirely possible to cheap Madden nfl 20 coins think they could release future games with no CFM manner, which could streamline their business and reduce cost. The question mark will always be how much could this really affect their earnings? Franchise mode has been underinvested for many years and some simple fixes can make a massive impact.

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