“I am a butterfly, there is power in my growth and my chronic Illness cannot stop me. You do not know me. But you have seen me. There are many like me with hearts that cry and souls that fly.

I am a butterfly, a wispy, colorful butterfly, fragile but deep inside where it counts.

I am blessed with the inner strength and confidence to fly. To soar higher throughout challenges. The pains, the fear, and the feeling of the wind on my face strengthened me to smile at the beauty around me while ignoring the pains inside. I let the sun dry my tears in midst of agony.

Unlike the butterfly, I never fly too far from my cocoon. Chronic pain, chronic illness is like that. You need a safe place to hide. To recharge. To simply be. Then, with the strength you have amassed over a lifetime of your body blowing you out of the sky, you find the will to fly again. To show your beautiful colors and your complex soul to the  wider world again.

I don’t like to show the ugly. That’s what my cocoon is for. It’s a safe place to cry, to huddle up in pain, to be afraid. It’s also a safe place to find my voice again. That voice that says nope! This is not my identity. This is not my life. This is my struggle but it is not my definition. It is not my soul !

So I fly. I fly again. Again and again. I soar higher, higher and higher around those beautiful trees. I land on those I love. Sharing my heart, my beauty and my strength. Love is meant to be free. Life is meant to be lived. Joy is meant to be felt. The cocoon is my resting place, not my destination. I’m a butterfly and I am born to fly.”

The four stages of the butterfly metamorphosis from the egg, caterpillar,


and adult

is an amazing illustration that shows how growth works. And for the bases of this discuss we will use different illustrations on different life circles to get a clearer picture on the subject matter.


One of my greatest mantra in life is

“Hope alive yes we can.” All that know me known me with this.

The other form of it as I am often known; “in whatever you do in life make sure you grow in it for that is what counts at the end.”

Yes, at least seeing the journey of life and growth from those mindset has enabled me to see failure in its relative sense.

Then what is growth ?

Growth is a phenomenal metamorphosis from a lesser life to a higher life. Literally you may call it increase, swell, overflow, progress and expansion etc.

However, before growth there comes a process of a ‘Phenomenal Metamorphosis’.

As to the individual, being or entity on this trajectory to growth is like the raw gold passing through the burning furnace of the goldsmith’s forge but when finally refined it comes out glittering and beautiful to the admiration of the entire World.

The developmental stage of the embryo to childhood is a throe of 9 months but joy thereof. The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly and tadpole into a frog are injurious pains between life and dearth but at the end a happily looking flying butterfly and a lively jumping frog that comes into existence. The egg has to pass through 3 months of rigorous incubation from the hen before bursting the shell open for the chick to come out. And the Rai people of Nepal having to hive on deaths defying homemade ladders and four hours mission to extract the precious sweet tasty nectar ( the drink of the gods) from the honeycomb that finally got to the supermarkets for everyone to buy and enjoy are all process to growth.

Yes, pains first before joy and the process of metamorphosis into growth taste horrible.

How Much Growth Do You Expect ?

Well, the amount of honey your hive will produce is dependent on several factors:

The strength of the colony, the risk and your capacity to face the swarm, the location of the colony, the time of the year, the strategy you put in place, how well fed or forage they got before that production time of the month etc.

However, when the super

is full you can collect up to 9 kgs (20 lb) of flow harvested honey from the 3 flow frames in the Super. This is in addition to the 4 x frames of honeycomb that you can also harvest.

Each flow

frame holds approximately 3 kg (6.5 lb) of raw – unprocessed honey and this can increase if the bees really build out each frame. Be prepared with extra jars in case your first one overflows !

On that analogy it is clear that the amount of growth you expect as a being is determined on 3 factors: (1) Dynamism of your human character (2) Your foundation and (3) Your preparation.


I have always told every one who cares to listen in all my lectures and articles that in life you might not necessarily have all the foundations and all the preparations of this World to succeed but you need character to get to where you are going ! In other words, even if your parents failed to give you the needed foundation and preparation for life but with a good character I tell you today the World will give you the rest to where you are going.


Foundation is a social human exposure and believe me you cannot take its immeasurable advantage away from a people. If someone’s mother is a professor of mathematics in the university, definitely it is expected that that child will do better in mathematics than the one whose mother is a lawyer because the first human exposure of that child is how to work out formulas and do calculations while the later one will do well in both technical and logical reasonings right from their early stages and that bases had become a foundation for them. It is not surprising when we see situations where 6 siblings from same family becoming Chatterd accountants, lawyers and some others as all business men. This is due to the foundation they all got as to their first human exposures during their upbringings.


Yes in life you must get prepared else when opportunity comes you will not know what to do with it because you do not have what it takes to grab hold on it.

I remembered I did mentioned practice as one cardinal principle of power under the subheading ‘principles of power’ in one of my previous article titled ‘POWER’.

Practice is the best practicable way to prepare for growth. Yes through practice we get prepared for phenomenal metamorphosis into growth. Without power you cannot get growth. Growth is just a change that comes as a result of over accumulated units of atoms that formed overflow. Do not forget that power is an atom (the smallest possible unit amount of matter or something). In other words for you to get growth you must build atoms or power into matter over time to get overflow as growth. Through consistent training and practice you become a master of power. If you are an athlete you must continuously build muscles and fattened your bones to get fitted into the form of athletics you are doing to get result.

Yes, in life you must grow and if you are not growing that means you are not applying the right powers into right places or you are not accumulating the right powers to growth.

It is the pain that usually come through transformation that we often fail to acknowledge but quickly expect to blossom without truly ready to pass through that change to growth which usually cost us the much needed knowledge and experience we need to carry us through the burden of growth thereafter.


I once had a misunderstanding with my eldest brother, he was very much disturbed concerning us resolving our differences as much as I did too. It was an issue that bothered on our collective goal as a family.

There was a man that I respected a lot back then in the local Christian congregation of our Jehovah’s Witnesses there at Enheren in Warri.  He was the congregation secretary, a senior staff in SPDC even going towards his retirement then. I looked up to him more like a mentor due to the manner in which he handled critical issues of life with deep insight. My eldest brother and I could not found a common ground to resolve our issues due to a non compromising stance from both of us. Though in principles, we both agreed on one ground but we went on our different paths. So, as I was looking for other options to exploit to fix a new path of life for myself I then met with the man for a financial assistance and I never new that my brother had already reported me to him because he new the man seemed to be a very few I had respect for in terms of his mental reasoning. I rang the bell at the man’s gate, I waited for a few minutes, his wife came out closed to the gate from inside, she answered; “hello who’s there ?” It’s I, brother Agidife. I answered from outside the gate. She walked closer to the gate and she opened the gate hole. Good morning sister, “brother Agidife, good morning”, she answered. She then opened the entrance gate and allowed me to enter. ” How is brother and sister and the children” ? She asked after my eldest brother and his family. “Everybody is fine”, I answered. How are the children and brother ? I asked in return. “They are fine,  brother is fine dear”. “We thank God. I want to see brother,” I requested. “Does he has an appointment with you today?” No, I answered. “Hmm brother hardly come out today oh, except in the evening because today Saturday is his rest day, OK, let me try”. She said while she asked me to sit on a chair at their car park as she walked in. After like 5 to 7 minutes, she came out. “Brother Agidife, come”. I followed, she took me to their anti-lodge and she asked me to sit and I sat. “Brother will be with you soon”. “Thank you sister”, I complemented. “You are welcome brother”, she answered.

After like 5 minutes of my sitting in the anti-lodge, brother walked in from the sitting room.

The man: Brother Agidife, how you dey?

Me: Good afternoon brother, am fine brother.

The man: Good afternoon, ‘how you dey?’ Sit, sit down.

Me: Am fine sir

Me: Thank you sir.

The man: You are welcome.

The man: How is your brother and his family?

Me: They are very fine sir.

The man: That’s great to hear and we thank God.

Me: Thank you sir.

The man: You’re welcome.

Me: Brother, why I came is to solicit for a financial assistance from you. I know things are somewhat tight in general with everybody but I say let me give a try a chance whether I can use that to fix some things up.

I expected expected a positive answer from the man or at least ask me what I needed money for so desperately and coupled with the fact that he did treat me nicely as if he liked me so much. He used to behave as if was very much keen on my growth and coupled with the fact that I have not make any such request from him before. He did not even ask me like how much was I actually looking at from him. But on the contrary it was a lecture of growth of my life I truly got to the fullest instead from the man.

The man: Yeah, ‘try’ is a necessary effort that we all do make in life before any other comes. But the truth of the matter is that I’m not in position to give any financial assistance right now. There are so many burden upon my head already.

When one works in SPDC it is assumed he works in centre of money and he is expected to carry every load of the family down to the pin in it.

The man: However, I have been trying to see you for some time now, only I have not been able to make up the time for it and we can just talk about it now that you come.

Me: OK

The man: Your brother reported you to me to talk to you and it’s important I hear from you first. So what’s really the problem from your own standpoint ?

Me: Well, everything he had told you is correct only in principles we are differs in terms of approach to the issue. And when issues come to principles it is always had to resolve except one party decides to compromise but to whose interest ?

I feel it is time to go on my own different path and not remaining in a cocoon or in ant-hole for so long . The organization we are running is his dream, his passion, his wife and his children’s own only. Anything outside that is a foolish delusion that can only materialized in a ‘country’s churchyard.’ I might be wrong but that’s how I see things and that’s how I see life.

The man: It’s OK, but my problem with you is not your brother’s complaints about you nor any other person’s opinion about you neither your quarrels with each others. My problem is you. You are not growing. Those things are normal in all most every family on earth and every normal human society. You seems to be the dark horse in your family but in often times the dark horses in families had come out to become even far more better than the rest of the other family members. So, what is your problem ? Ehn, honestly, it calls for a concern. You an a very brilliant young man, full of intellect, smart and a energy. Just try and work on that area, ehh, Agidife ! Just try and work something out.

Me: Brother, I must say thank you very much for everything you’ve said and for truly appreciating me on whom I am. I must also assure you that I will not disappoint you because I know my destiny is in my own palm and in the hands of God and not in the hands of man. If I fail I have no one to blame for it but my very self. So brother, just be rest assured that I will come out fine no matter how tough the journey takes.

At the heat of the whole episodes, just as I promised the man and myself I went ahead to build ‘Hope Alive M.P.C.S Ltd’ an organization I called “my dream for the poor”. “Hope Alive Yes We Can”; ‘no one can stop me except myself and my God and “I am born to fly”.

 I then bought my first car, a black vecto and I drove it to our Christian meetings of Jehovah’s witnesses. After the close of our Christian meeting we had a warm Christian greetings with handshakes and warm embraces. I walked onto my car, I took my key, I opened my car, I entered, I jammed my door and I turned my ignition key to reverse. Then I heard a knock on my already windup glasses, I rose my head up to see who and guess what ? It was the man. I winded down my glass and I started following his instructions; “Brother Agidife, turn your stirring to the finish, OK, you can now reverse, OK, turn back again and straightened your hands, OK, that’s it, you’ve gotten it.” I then packed and came down to thank him. “Brother Agidife, congratulations, “we thank God brother.” That’s it, you know I said it ! The elated man exclaimed. You know, you’ve really worked very hard. But brother Agidife, you’ve not yet wash it oh ! “Never mind brother when I got home boys we help me wash it, my head just full up like this.” No, I mean it’s smelling, you have to wash it.” At that point I got confused with the man, I didn’t understand what he was saying anymore. “Brother, what he’s saying is that you will buy drinks and we will celebrate it for you !” The coordinator of elders who was also outside interjected. “OK brother, but you know say I don’t know anything na, but that one na small thing, brother, now that I know I will do the needful.” Yes, this is great, you have actually started very well. You know, I said it the other time. When a small child started well it’s not hard to know.” “Thanks Sir,” I responded. We smiled at each other, he hailed me; Famous, Famous, that’s my boy ! He then tapped me on the back. Thanks Sir, I responded again, I entered my car back, he waved me and I zoomed off.

Well, that’s life for all of us; when it comes to growth everybody is concerned. When he told me those words; “Famous, my problem with you is you are not growing”. He might not know how heavy they were on me then or might not even remembered. I remembered then anywhere I went his voice will be echoing in my head even when I lied down on my bed all that kept hearing was; “Famous you are not growing”. But the truth remains; he made those statement to me out of genuine concern that I was actually not growing and he spoke out maybe because he liked me and he truly wanted me to grow.

However, do not get me twisted, I am not asking you to go and buy a car to showoff to people or to do things to impress people simply because they had certain opinion on you before, no.

The point I am making here is clear; “in whatever you do in life just make sure you grow in it because at the end that’s what counts.”

“When a seed is planted, the creative urge is to grow. It never stops trying. That is the audacious hope of rooted things.” ~ Cynthia Bond.

The beauty of that quote is it is in direct relationship to the art and science of being a learner to full blown stages of life.

As starters, if we get our path aright, we will in essence be creating a culture of growth just like a seed.

All types of seeds grow in their own different ways according to their own different purposes.

Growth of plant is a movement that encourages people from the bottom levels with boldness and without any necessary fear of failure to take risk to greater heights.

Transformation from the bottom level of life to greater height is a trying time and it is a personal challenge to be among life survivals from lesser life to greater life.

Growth is an elixir to so many problems of life; a door opener, a bridge bridger and uncommon unifier.

Growth is God in personified, the number 1 game changer of man, a propelling force from the bottom level to greater level, an uncommon transformer of the embryo to a baby, a baby to a kid, a kid to a teenager, a teenager to adult, a germinated seed to a blossom plant and a blossom plant to a mighty tree of the forest.

Yes, “the cocoon is my resting place, not my destination. I’m a butterfly and “I am born to fly””..

I am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

“I am born to fly” an extract from “Power Of Growth” ~ By Fame Agidife
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