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Our Commercial Diving Training Center In Lagos undertakes

Underwater professional trainees are trained to be disciplined, multifaceted professionals and are required to perform under extreme and inhospitable conditions no matter how cloudy and intense the situation maybe they are equipped and required to improvised solutions.

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Commercial diving is an amazing professional trade that covers a wide range of different activities as well as a wide rage of other trades and skills. For example you have the offshore diver who works for the oil and gas industry, media divers who do underwater photography and videography, inland divers specializing in commercial operations in smaller bodies of water, highly-skilled HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials Technician) and nuclear divers for high-risk missions, scientific divers, military or naval divers, and even investigative police divers.

Believe it or not, professionally trained divers aren’t the only ones who have the option to turn their hobby into a full-fledged career and literally combine work and play. As long as you are physically fit (you’ll have to pass a diving physical), and meet the age requirements, you are eligible to take the next step in diving career by joining a training program and getting certified.

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If you’re interested in starting a career in commercial diving, you are already in the right place.

MYDIVE INTL is a leading provider of underwater professional manpower and support marine engineering services for both the down stream & upstream oil and gas sector across the sub sahara African offshore companies.

We are dedicated to safely providing our customers with a quality service to accommodate their operations schedule. 

Our reputation of superior work, integrity and cooperation is well known among our worldwide customers and classification agencies.


​​Commercial Diving
Barge and Drill Rig Support 
Underwater burning
In-water video surveys
Still photography
Salvage work
Marine spill response
Metal thickness readings
Search and recovery repair
Non-destructive testing of Water tanks and
Ocean depth sounding

Our team of trained and equipped underwater professionals are trained to handle any critical underwater engineering support works under any intense underwater situation; no matter how obscure or how far the depth of the water environment may be . … We are trained and prepared to handle projects of any scope.


An integral skill for any commercial diver is to have a firm understanding of the principles of underwater construction and how this type of construction is utilized.

For instance; divers are often employed to weld underwater structures including pipelines, dams, bridge piers, and retaining walls etc. And the diver must be knowledgeable enough to be able to carry out underwater construction techniques and tools which contribute to creation, maintenance of underwater structures and to give support for underwater engineering projects.

Call us today for your diving work and training and become a part of our underwater project.


$100 For Form:


• Restricted Scuba Diving ….. Course 001
• Open Water Diving ………… Course 002

• Rescue / Salvage Diving …………… Course 003
• Underwater Civil Scrapping ………..Course 004

(3 MONTHS) $850

• Underwater Civil Painting / Polishing ……. Course 005
• Underwater professional welding & burning ….Course 006
• Under water photography & video …….Course 007 and
• Under water survey …… Course 008

MYDIVE INTL Underwater Training pride itself on quality service delivery among the best in the underwater industry. Our social networking and partnership with the best across the African continent and the international maritime community is aimed to offer you a variety of courses through different training organizations that suit our training environment to the best of international standards. All of our affiliate organizations are up-to-date with all relevant international diving and safety standards.

Our training is performance based not time based using the SSI, SDI, TDI and PADI training systems allowing you to achieve your goals without missed steps or feeling pressured to complete. All courses are limited to one instructor to 4 students, half the ratio allowed by international standards for entry level diving.

Training Locations:
Lagos, Nigeria and
Warri, Delta-State, Nigeria.

N/B: All applicants are directed to apply for the form via online @,
WhatsApp: +234 – 080 – 7352 – 4325, +234-814-33-524-93

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