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My nephew Prince Mathew Abiama was picked up by the operatives of the Special Anti-robbery squad on Monday, Sep 21, 16:21 at one Uncle Sam Guest House, Daloko, Era, Ajagbandi axis of Lagos.

I am yet to come to terms with wherein the law where special security outfits designed by an act of the law to combat arm robbery cases with the special code name ‘ special anti-robbery squad ‘ are now being debased so low to be used as an instrument of the common man’s unprovoked molestation, arrest and unwarranted human right abused.

I have contacted all my friends in the top Police hierarchy concerning how I can get to know the whereabouts of my Nephew and nobody has been able to give me any clue on the destination they took him to or his whereabouts. All they are telling me is that I must first of all try to know the unit of the SARS they took him to. And how am I supposed to know when up till now his phones have been switched off. They do not even have the sympathy of God to reach out to his wife none his children.

This lawlessness and the bastardizing of the ordinary people by the Nigerian security outfits and mighty men of power in this country must be stopped.

All lovers of freedom must join hands together to fight this social injustice and this act of overzealous muscling of the ordinary people by SARS and other security outfits. They are established to protect the people not to molest and abuse the rights of the people.

Let every lovers of freedom, democracy and humanity join hands together on this fight against this social injustice and share and share until our voices are heard by the authorities that may be.

Share and share #SARSfreeprincemathewabiamanow !

Share and share #Freedom !! Share and share #Freedom For All !!!

#President Muhammadu Buhari Ends SARS Brutality Now Before We Are All Killed!

#Inspector General Of Police Our Lives Are Not Save !!

#SARS Free Prince Mathew Abiama Now! #Freedom !! #Freedom All !!!

I am Fame Agidife and our voices must be heard until #SARS Free Prince Mathew Abiama now is freed! #Freedom !! #Freedom For All !!!

Share and share #SARS Free Prince Mathew Abiama Now! #Freedom !! #Freedom For All !!!

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    On the current update concerning my nephews, Prince Mathew Abiama and Omozae Emmanuel who were both arrested on Monday, Sep 21, 16:21, and Sep 24 respectively without any notice to their respective families neither any report at any of the nearby police stations for verification purpose which I published on this platform and shared to other social media platforms had been released and our voice had been heard.

    The duo got released yesterday Oct 1, 2020, from the headquarters of SARS, Abuja high command after a whole lot of diligent efforts to resolve the issue that led to the arrest by the petitioner and the SARS police command, Abuja and we give God the glory.

    Again, I want to reiterate this just as I did mention in my campaign message; the whole idea of using SARS to arrest people through ‘who know Man’ at the slightest provocation in this country is very wrong. The SARS is designed as codenamed ‘Special Anti-Robbery Squad’ to combat armed robbery and other high criminal cases and not in any way to be used for civil cases. And in order to get quick justice, we should not be too in haste to abuse the security architecture of the country because by so doing we will only end up defacing their real values, catastrophic to nation-building, counterproductive to the original for which they were set up and inhibiting to nation’s advancement.

    As the lawyer who led the team always said; we achieved this as a team, right from those who shared this post and shared and shared and the others who worked tirelessly from Ikeja high command to Abuja high command til their eventual released.

    We thank you all and the greatest of all to God be the glory.

    I am Fame Agidife and our voices had been heard.

    #Freedom! #FreedomForAll!!

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