Happy independence day and happy songs of freedom everyone !

Freedom is an inherent consciousness in the heart of every living thing and an expressive liberty to all mankind.

Grace that do not easily seems to be appreciated by sons of freedom until it is taking a way by superior forces of life as it has always been in the case with all mankind.

The uneasy burden of feelings upon one; such with no real taste of anything; party songs become nauseating, food becomes tasteless, lost of sense of intoxication even from the power of the alcohol and the very sense of liveliness that suddenly become disappeared and lost are the usual feelings when freedom is denied.

The kind of feelings Williams Shakespeare described in his his famous Twelfth Night:

” I have rejected everything that savours of party.

Begone, thou impudent wretch, to hell, thy proper place: thou art thy despiser of my glorious majesty, and your frame of spirit savours of blasphemy.”

At that I say may God forbid any blasphemy of sort that might seemed to take this day away from our national history as a people and we will continued to hold it sacrosanct and with high esteem till national sovereignty and boundaries are done away with in mankind’s history.

At that I say savour the songs of joy and freedom that finally hovered all over our atmosphere on that famous day of October 1, 1960.

Yes independence day and songs of freedom at last !

A day to behold for the rest of national history.

A day that marked our national emblem and our nationality as a country that host the most populated black race.

Yes a day that marked the fundamental rights of a people to say yes there is a country of our own and we savoured the taste and the smell of her existence.

The day that marked the consciousness of freedom and freedom for all as enshrined in the consciousness of all mankind.

The day that marked our freedom, liberties and rights of our citizenship from a certain country called Nigeria.

Savour and enjoy oh the happy independence day everyone !

I am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

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