D Prince: Oh god of love !

D Prince: What an overwhelming feeling that transforms a life from one soul onto another soul you are !!

D Prince: Yes, you are a spirit; a possessor of the soul and the mighty man of the wilderness you are; you are never physical and a transcender of life from one soul onto another you are. Your cause and origin remain unknown to man, science, and religion; yet, you remained the only shining light at nightfall at the country’s churchyard.

D Prince: Oh god of love! Onto your possession, I shall dwell forevermore !!

D Prince: Yes, whichever way you may define love, surely, it goes with possession, obsession, and intense display of affection from one soul onto another or onto something else. 

D Prince: D Treasure, you once accused me of being obsessed with you of which I denied but it was an open wound. 

D Treasure: Are you obsessed with me?

 D Prince: Nope. 

D Prince: You know what D Treasure?  I lied and you were right. I am obsessed and I will be forevermore obsessed with you until I see you no more.


D Prince: It was like never say goodbye but as ‘God of reality’ has it even the ‘gods’ do not last forever.

It was all tears down my cheeks as my heart and soul bit for more while seeing you say goodbye through the exit door. 

At first, it was a whole world of fulfillment that I have never felt in my entire life but in the end, it was all crumbled cookies and fantasies that never last beyond mere human imagination.
Although, the ecstasy was different from all the rest! 

It was the very first time I grabbed hold of a woman’s apple and felt Adam’s soul deep inside my soul that yes this one is my own; “bone of my bone”. 
‘Yeh, it was such a short-lived wishful world of El Dorado!

I still remembered the way you were chewing the gum aggressively out of fear as if you were to hit my head with something for putting you through such an erotic emotion and the scaring goosebumps that were all over your body.
“Why were so much goosebumps all over your body? ” And in your words;

D Treasure: “Because I am still a virgin.” … read more on the next episode. | Website | + posts

D Prince N D Treasure is an entertaining reality love diary that relates romantic sides of different individual characters with undercover pseudonyms that shields the audience from the true identity of the main characters. It is an intense thriller that relates true love stories, romance, heartbreaks, betrayers and suspense. A must followed love episode that worth the time.

Plot: Barricades of love life in city walls and different social cultural hindrances that often affect our love lives.

Setting: Urban love life and social media chats.


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