Strangely as it is, my people want freedom but they are scared of the path to freedom and they are at ease at it.

“My People Are Scared Of The Air Around Them, They Always Have An Excuse Not To Fight For Freedom ” ~ Fela Anikulapo Kuti

It is a blasphemy for my people to speak against the government of the day, the SARS, the police, the DSS and not to mention the Almighty military but they want freedom.

Words from their scaring World; “no one fight against the Federal Government that after God it is the Federal Government.” “He uses Federal might.” “Don’t you know it is the Federal government that you are fighting against ? ” “Hmm, don’t you know he is the child of the Government ? I am not at home.” “If they catch you now what will I do ? Do I have any power to fight Federal Government ?” And the so many excuses not to fight for freedom etc.

The air around us had become contaminated but we bothered not to purify it and we want good breath for survival.

Are the government and the country’s securities ought not to be the confidence and the good air around the people ?

When the air around the people become contaminated how will it become purified when no one talk about the infections so that it can be cleaned off.

Why does it always be a blasphemy whenever the few that talked talk ?

We want financial freedom, we want freedom to worship, we want freedom of movement, we want freedom to get together, we want freedom to go out for our daily routine activities, we want freedom of expression and all the good things of life that freedom comes along with etc (etcetera etcetera). And we are scared to fight for the path to that freedom.

So, how do we really think as a people in this country that freedom just jump onto a people and they will just begin to enjoy it as a free meal ? Then it must be in a World of delusion and not in real World of men because in real World everything comes with a prize.

It is time we know who we are as a people that the so called power that may be that we are so scared of belongs to us as a people and not the very few we made in privileged places to serve us.

Again, in whatever privileged position or power one finds himself with in life it is God that made him for a reason to serve his people and never use it against the same people.

Lastly, always remember that for a while there is always a paradigm shift in spares of power.

I am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

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