Religion is an intoxicant and addictive; it takes away man’s independent power of reasoning and it imputes a robotic sense of reasoning just as he is deemed fit to be controlled by a theocratic controller.

Give Man everything he so much desired in life he will not still follow you wholeheartedly; at some point he will wished to be like you because he is created as an independent fellow in his own right; but throw him a religion he looses his focus, his independence, his pride, his sense of leadership and most ultimately his memory.

“What do we do with this strong will monster called Man? We cannot controlled him wholly, at some point he will rebel, let us give him religion with the letter and the spirit as a testament to follow and he will question no more”. Says the spirit realm and so they did.

Religion is man’s moronic acid; it is anti human and its acceptance by man is a suicide and its proliferation is a Satanic corruption of man’s true form of worship to the most High. Where was religion’s proliferation during pre-creation and post-creation of man? Then why thereafter if not to disrupt man’s peaceful coexistence? Or was there not any form of praises and worship during post creation of man and where they not acceptable to God? Or are the animals not rendering praises and worship to God and who says theirs is not acceptable to God? Or is there any difference between man and other form of creations that do render same praises and worship to the most High in their own independent forms each in accordance to their situation and circumstances if not in a man’s case there is an ulterior motives of a certain superior powers using religion as an entity or an institution to take dominion of the lesser powers.

At the beginning of 17th century it was a new dawn of another race coming down to take a dominion of another race right here in the land of Africa, I mean the sordid colonization of Africans by the white Europeans. And what did they say; “if we tell them that we are here to take dominion over them they will rebel so let us throw onto their hands two testaments called the old and the new testaments with the theme, repent, repent, oh ye people salvation is at hand!!!” And that was all. The highly respected and winner of Nobel Prize for Peace, archbishop Desmond Tutu described that contractual comic drama between the Europeans and Africans for the taken over dominion of Africans, in his own words he said; “the white Europeans told the Africans that let us pray and before the Africans open up their eyes there lied onto their hands a copy of the bible and onto the hands of the white Europeans lied the land of Africa”. It was a perfect job well done at ease.
What are the expectations of a religion from God and Man ? As long as I am concern, what both God and Man do expect from religion as an institution to the human society is purity for both moral values for Man, reverence to the most High God and in return for the outpouring of His abundant blessings and protection. And that is how religion has been known right from the time of creation, from the time of the deities and right from the time immemorial. Though some have argued recently that religion evolved round all aspects of man’s life and so it should dictate how much we live for ourselves and how much we live with others but this line of argument had not talked much about how much restrictions we should put on ourselves when it comes to our human endeavours. I mean the do and the don’t of whom we should deal with when it comes to work, business and economic relationship. At least I have not heard yet of any teaching that a Muslim should not work or do business with a Christian nor a Pentecostal should not with the Orthodox churches nor the traditional churches.
I do not see religion as an institution or what was originally met for an earthly divides and discrimination base on the differences of religious  believes to the detriment of Man’s unity and peace. 

Whenever I see Man, Woman, old or young, little children streaming in the street on white and different colours of garments, ropes and aprons like flock without a Shepherd in the exact manner that Man was referred to by the Lord Jesus Christ in the biblical gospel accounts; I see what the great Carl Max saw when he said “Religion is the opium of the Masses.
Sincerely, speaking about religion one has to be a bit reserve of his expressions due to diverse interests that are ready to feast on the subject matter due to its controversial nature.

I am Fame Agidife, a moralist, a simple writer on societal values and leadership; I am not a religionist neither do I worship God on the bases of a religion bigotries and divides nor for name’s sake but on the bases of what I think a religion’s values and teachings represent in line with what both God and Man expect of a religion from a moral stand point of view. 
 I do not subscribed to the school of thought that says religion should be totally exterminated because religion remains the only channel for now for communion between the Creator who is the most High and His creations and it is for that purpose man was created. 

However, Man was created first before religion, Man was not created for religion but religion was created for a man. In other words, man does not serve religion but man serves God; religion just happened to be the only acceptable channel for now between Man and God but I do believe with a very strong conviction that when the kingdom of God that we all pray for comes man will render praises and worships to God directly void of religion as a medium just as other creations are rendering pure sacred praises and worships to the Highest. 

Taming religion has always been Man’s conundrum since the time of old when religion had turn itself to be Man’s untameable monster!!! Moreover, I do think and prescribed that man should see religion as a channel or medium to render praises and worship to God only, and note clearly that religion is not and can never be God and should not be seen that way but God only should rather.

Man should be seen as more sacred to religion because man was not created for a religion but religion was created for a man as a medium to worship God; and there is no way a medium can be more important than who uses the medium. If man stopped using religion as a medium what will then happened to religion? Religion will then become useless. Then why is it that man is the one that is being sacrificed on the alter of religion on the bases of religious divides and bigotries to the detriment of man’s peace and unity? 

Let us change our approach of methodology called religion by placing it where it ought to be and see it how it ought it to be and make our World a better place.

Am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

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