Global Economic Abysmal
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Poverty is not just a lack of economic resources to take care of the physical being but also a lack of mental resources to create and provide solutions to the physical estate of Man.

Base on the light of the above prism, what people think, the character they put on and what they do plays a key role in what they become in life.

What do the rich do that the poor do not do?

Eradicating Poverty In The Rural Poor Areas

What the rich do in every moment of their life is to make themselves available for opportunity to get at them; grab it well, make good use of it and prepare themselves for another opportunity to come tomorrow. In other words, the rich are careless about landlocked areas but very keen at the land of opportunities.
The rich sacrifice all that they have in this world just to live in the land of opportunities where the fellow rich live while the poor save all they have in this world just to go and live in a landlocked areas where the fellow poor live.

The rich are attracted to big opportunities as targets while the poor are attracted to small opportunities with little or no security to show for it.

The rich and the poor are both faced with a singular psychological issue which is the fear of the unknown critically being responsible for the decisions they both take. And they both see equal risk but each goes for the lost that they can bear on their respective mental capacities.

The rich allows their big dreams to overwhelm the state of their future uncertainty, so they sow in accordance to their big dreams while the poor allow their fears to becloud their hopes and sow in accordance to their fears.

The rich believe in winning big and loosing big. That is why they do everything it takes them to identify themselves in wherever they perceive big opportunities and sow there but show little or no interest in small opportunities.

While the poor believe that little by little wins the race because that is what their heart can carry, the rich believe that things of little significance holds no sufficient substance to their big dreams.

Much having been said in that regard, it is understandable to believe that the poor are poor because the poor failed to do what they ought to do to be rich in terms of seizing opportunities and make good use of them while the rich did what they ought to do to be rich vis-à-vis

As a leader to all kinds people whom are looking up to me mostly from the social clime, am exposed to a whole lots of complaints and arguments from all kinds in almost everyday bases bothering on the central line of thoughts as to why they are poor and not rich like their mates? Why did they not go to school? why is it that they cannot get money to train their children? Why no husband to marry? Why can’t they have money to marry, why is it so difficult for them to raise money to set up their own private business and why they can’t find work to do etc.  And what keeps bothering my mind mostly is that are those complaints and arguments are they really what make the poor poor?

What language do the rich speak?

The rich are the smartest guys that are ever living; they speak marketing and act commerce. And the reason is simple; they hate depreciation but love appreciation. Unfortunately, the poor speak sympathy but shy off from empathy(they see empathy as flattering commendations)and act depreciatively to their own demise.

The rich speak from point of strength and never speak from point weaknesses. And this is so because the rich knows that it is suicidal to say anything that is capable of devaluing your product in from of a potential customer but rather it is life to speak things that add additional marketing values to his hearing. The rich believe everyday or moment in life is a market day and all that come along their way or hear about them are market places.

Hear the rich speak:

Clara just got admitted into Stanford university but she will be back in the summer holiday. My partner and I just launched our company’s new brand Kitts into the market awaiting the end of the year wind fall. Cherry and her husband just got their second baby in US and my husband and I went to see our new grandchild. Oh! Sorry I didn’t tell you we have moved out of our former house in Festac Town to our new house in Parkview, Ikoyi etc. And you think they do not have problem? Lie! Theirs are much more, you do not even have a single problem compare to theirs. Yes! They truly achieved those feet but they did but the spoken is a deliberate marketing.

How do the rich think that the poor do not think?

The only thing that the rich think about is opportunity; how to get one, seize it and make hey when the sun shines.

That is why you will see a rich man child who will be in year 2 in the higher institution here in his home country but when the opportunity comes for him to travel abroad for the same studies he will hastily abandoned the 2 years he has already spent here and go over there to be better prepared there and come back to become a better applicant to his counterpart he left behind in the labour market. His counterpart whom he left behind had little or no innovative exposure compare to what he had gotten from the other clime, so, he has the hand of the employers of labour at his back and he will still captured the 2 years he spent in higher institution here earlier in his profile.

How do the poor think and speak?

The poor think and speak only about their human weaknesses; if I had gone to school like my mate I would not have been here today. If I had learned work like my mates I would have been this or that. If I would have seen money to set up my trading business I would have been far better of than as I’m today.  If I had married earlier and if I had done this or that etc.

The question is who told the poor not to have done what they ought to have done before hand? Or do they think it is easy with the rich who has achieved so much to that height? It is not also so easy with the rich in spite of all their riches. It takes them a lot of pains, sacrifices and seeds sowing to get to where they are and they are still sowing.

My lecture here on this episode is not to cast aspersions on any of the two kinds that make up our World, I mean both the poor and the rich but to provide solutions as to how the big gulf between the two Worlds that has caused so much anomalies to our supposed one united World can be bridged.

However, I do know some might raise dust at me that my present view on the poor is a change of view from my previous lectures where I emphatically declared that “the poor are poor because the corrupt had stolen the fundamentals to their human existence”.

Yes! And till this moment, I have not in anyway have a change of view in any of my previous lectures neither on this. My lectures are critically presented on the very bases of the way and how I see things base on my critical understudy of everyday life issues; and so I present them in my lectures but never on the delusive side of life because I do know life on its own is never built on the very walls of fantasies but on everyday practical experiences. My first view is based on Great Karl Max social science communist idealism while the second is based on the empirical social science of bourgeois capitalism and both views are correct. All depends on the side of the coin at which we critically look at the human situations from.

There is no real nexus that really bring the poor and the rich together, both are wide apart in two different World and class of their own. One stationed there in the coordinative world while the other is readily based there at the subjective World of servitudes. ( It is a matter of just know where you belong out of the two World ).

It was this lack of nexus and the big gulf in between the World of the rich and the World of the poor was what necessitated Great Karl Max to formulate his famous doctrine of communism which later got modified  into socialism by so many countries of the World and later being practiced along side communism in rivalry to capitalism in over 160 countries around the World from the 17 century till the mid 19 century, and were championed by former USSR and China. And so many countries of the World are still practicing both communism and socialism till date.

In his view, the wide gulf between the rich and the poor has a multiplier effect on our World in averse interference to the way man thinks and behave towards some key areas of life such as religion, the open market and man’s social behavior against the spirit of true egalitarian society that supposed be the ultimate norm for an ideal human society. And in his views; the state should take full responsibility for managing man’s economy, get man one state religion or Church, one open market and all things being equal, being owned by the state and should be evenly distributed to all citizens equally by the state and for the citizens. And that was ‘Great Karl Max ideal egalitarian society!’

Base on that Karl Max line of reasoning, I too believe that the poor are people that have been somewhat denied the very fundamentals to their human existence in some corruptible capacities either by their families, relatives, friends, circumstances that surrounded their birth, highly placed government officials who steals the very lots that was met for their wellbeing and still failed to do what they ought to do to remedy their situations and what about greed and pervasiveness of criminality that had eaten so deep into the the very fabrics of our society at large are all sort of corruption or the other that plagued the poor into the poverty trap.

However, every human being born into this World who is above the age of an infant holds himself the highest degree of responsibility to his own survival. In other words, if the whole World fails you then you too have no excuse to fail yourself. That is the cardinal point of my view in this episode of my lecture and that I drew from the bourgeois capitalist doctrine which centered on man’s struggles for survival and survival for the fittest.

If the whole World fails you the question is did you fail yourself? And if no is your answer then you have no reason to be poor.

The World is not an independent entity of itself; the World is a make up of different allies that make up one formation called the World. And if the World sidelined you then you must be a unique man for greatness. All you just need to do is seize that as an opportunity of being put at the sideline to create your own path. The World needs that different path of yours that you need to create for your own survival to survive itself too. In other words, the World needs your alliance as a different kind of a solution to the ones it has already had before now more than ever before to survive.

Our World is full of so many problems and humanity needs solution providers like you to fix up our fast dilapidating ecosystem, to create a renewable energy to replace the deadliest cancerous carbon mono oxide toxic fuel we are still currently using today, what about making use of the vast airspace to provide rocket science that can serve as drones for our much needed security apparatus and so many more that you can contribute to make the World a better place.

In conclusion, I urge you to connect yourself to the right places where opportunity can get to you. One thing is to get the right psychology and the right foundation and another thing is to be at the right places at the right time. Opportunity for the urban area will not come to you except you get to the city and be one of the city dwellers. You cannot be at Okwafor of Lagos and expect the opportunities at Banana Island,  Victoria Island, Burdeleon and parkview to get to you neither can you be in the city and expect opportunities in the rural areas to get to you in the city.

One thing for sure in life is that life has a duplications of multiple entities and that is to say you are not the only one of your kind neither are you the only one searching for that same opportunity. And for sure, when you are not in the right place at the right time another will definitely get it and even do better.

The great wise king Solomon once said; “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:11. So, opportunity beget them all.

Thank you and God bless you all.

I am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom. #FameAgidifeLeadershipLectureSeries #Gofamepidia #VoiceOfWisdom.

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