#EnedSars #FreedomForAll At Last.

No matter how long this rigor, resilience, bravery, and sacrifice against these agents of darkness to attain freedom shall never go unrewarded and #freedomforall of us, at last, shall be our final songS of victory.

Big congratulations to you all the Nigerian Youths and to you all Nigerians on this hard-earned victory for #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #FreedomForAll revolution for victory is at sight at last. And at last our voices will be heard and this is how it ought to be in a civilized society that wished to advance.

#EndSARS #FreedomForAll

When the People resolved on one voice, one goal, one people, overcome fear and walk through the tumultuous valley of darkness there is no force in the entire universe that can stand on their way to freedom; for this earth is their dominion.

When The People Resolved On The Path To Freedom

Yes, as I have always said, the power belongs to the people and not the other way round as the case has always been when a very minute few take the destiny of the people for a ride and that can only happen when the people do not realize the enormity of power on their hands and give it away to fear, despair and reign of terror to take control.

It is a natural course for power to retain dominion in whichever sides of existence that has the dexterity to claim its possession.

A child who allows his age mate to override him over the affairs of little plays that mate will as well stand on his way as a bully on his path to more important things of life.

So, at last victory for #EndSARS #FreedomForAll had been won and our voices had been heard and this is how it ought to be in a norm society of people who knows their rights.

You cannot just go out there and recruit any Dick and Harry and named them ‘supper corps’ without any real civil ethical training and be forcing shit on the throat of the people, molesting citizens who ought to be free on their normal daily activities for survival, carrying out broad day life assassination, kidnapping and all sorts of human rights abuses.

Although it is not yet Uhuru, the demand for citizens rights and well being are fundamental to their human existence akin to rule of law, societal development, civility, decency, and societal advancement and that we will continue to fight for until all of our rights are completely restored, strict adherence to rule of law is followed and we have become completely freed from all forms of oppressive aberrations.

At least for the moment, nobody on the camouflage of the SARS will just carry gun and shoot at us simply because he did not just like our faces or he has profiled us on his own judgement the way he wants us to be and maybe we are not that way in his own opinion then the next thing is to get us arrested and whisked us away to unknown destinations of uncertainty.

No, it will never happen that way in this country again because with this #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality revolution means that we the Nigerian Youths have resolved to take our destiny onto our hands.

#EndSARS #TotalPoliceReform

Once again, congratulations to you the Nigerian Youths, and to you all Nigerians on this hard-earned victory.

Thank you and God bless you all.

I am Fame Agidife and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

#Freedom #FreedomForAll

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