Arise oh you African youth ! Arise and take your place in committee of nations and stop complaining about how some greedy old politicians refused to relinquish power onto you oh you African youth !!

The American youth have taken the lead in the internet, the rocket science, greener energy, the solar power and the space rockets science revolution. They lead the park of the youngest inventors and billionaires in the World today through the instrument of the information technology which we all have access to right on our palms in this 21st century computer science era. They are proud to be chair founders and co-founders of one I.T venture or the other. And I am appalled and often get irritated at our own African youth whenever I meet with them and hear them complaining about how they are being denied one political opportunity or the other by some selfish and greedy old politicians.
As we are talking right now the young Americans and their other counterparts in the other Western countries have venture into the space to control our World with rocket sciences at achieving a new world order with the use of the security drones architectural invention. With that they have created another line of economic exploits with another records set of billionaires that rule our World through the use of the space and the rocket sciences.

What our African youth still do not get at this age of ours is that nobody gives you power, you create your own power in your own path if the need be. And with power you can do what you want to do with it. Power is not what one begs from someone like those so called old politicians and you expect them to give it to you as your King makers or as if they are your God; no, power belongs to God only and as such it is a right of everyone to have it as an ability to live.

It is time we African youths get it right and take our place in the committee of nations and stop complaining about the older politicians who till hitherto had refused to relinquish power to us as leaders of today. At which I am not surprise because power in its nature is had to let go because power is the most interesting thing in life. Power gives the possessor an ability to control,  makes things happened and becomes very relevant and no one wants to be seen as an irrelevant fellow in a committee of peoples rather everyone wants to be respected and be seen relevant no matter how old or young that person might be.

The English historian Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, politician, writer, moralist, and 1st Baron of Acton, once described POWER AND AUTHORITY as; “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” This by extension had become one of the most popular axioms today on earth when it comes to the subject matter of power most expecially when it is in under-discussed and just as it is often summarily quoted; “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. In other words, power is an intoxicant also an addiction and with that, you cannot expect someone that had become so drunk with power to let power go away just like that for you to take and tomorrow when you become so relevant with that same power he or she becomes so irrelevant to you. No, it has never been so easily acceptable to any user of power anywhere in the World and it will never be so. It is you that have to fight for power by creating your own power to get power.

We African youths have what it takes to create power to get power; all we need to do is just to create our own path from the old path. And now is the time to do so and the opportunity is right here with us now in our own hands! Power will never be given to us because power is never given to people but it is a path that we have to create on our own and be recognized in it as an authority to reckon with. We have the energy that the older people do not have, we have the information technology on our palms, we have the mental capacity, we have the climate, we have the environment, we have the internet and the space and the only thing that we lack is the will power to create our own path and I therefore urge all African youths to rise up and let us fix today for today belongs to us and the future belongs to our childten and if we do not have today we will never have the future because the is never ours it belong to our children who tomorrow’s future !!

The old era is far gone and spent and if we continue to look up to the old era as the ever-glorious throne and miss the hour mark to fix today for ourselves and for our children who takes over from us tomorrow we will never have any today to live in by ourselves and for our children and there will be no future to come tomorrow !!!

Arise oh you African youth! Look beyond the power of the oil, look beyond the power of the politicking, look beyond the government house connected contracts, and the mores for the old era is far gone and spent !!

Look and tap into the enormous potentials in the environment to create green energy, how to use nature to cure nature and to solve our so many environmental problems, how to use nature to fix the problem of the climate change that has bedeviled our World, how to use the opportunity of the internet and the space to build a new economy for ourselves where the old era do not have both the energy and the mental capacity to reach and compete with us !!!

We have the advantages now; the energy, the mental capacity, and the power of the information technology on our palms as an instrument to aid us to create the new path of power for ourselves, an advantage that the old era does not have. I, therefore, urge every African youths to follow the route of the new path of power in the manner I recommended here today because that is the way out to get the power that we so much lack beforehand to compete with the old era politically and use the new path of power and the great instrument of information technology in our hands to defeat them in their own game.

Arise oh you African youth !! We have been lagging behind for so long a time now. All our contemporaries in the other climes had all gone to the next realm of the World of power and we are still 50 years backward crawling and crying like a hungry angrily looking baby who is tired of waiting for breast milk to be put in his or her mouth to sulk.

Arise oh you African youth !!! For how long are we going to continue to crawl, get tired, cry, and wait for breast milk to be put in our mouth to sulk by the old people? And when are we going to finish this crawling, walk, grown-up, and go for mature food on our own like mature adults? It has been so long a time that we have failed to do what we ought to do but rather we kept on dwelling on childishness for so long by doing nothing but just to sit in one spot and continue complaining only about the old era and that had kept our beloved continent of Africa underdeveloped till today and till only when God knows.

Arise oh you African youths !!  It is what you failed to do that the other person did that make the other person different from you. African youths aeise and take your place in committee of nations !!!

I am Fame Agidife the Host Lecturer @Fame Agidife Leadership Lecture Series and I just want to add my voice to voice of wisdom.

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