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Power being as an atomic nucleus to mass energy. (2) Principles of power and (3) Guiding Principles of power.

What is Power and Why is it that Everybody Needs it?

The word power sometimes sounds awkward, negative, and arrogant due to how it has often been abused by possessors of that cardinal attribute. But unfortunately for us all, power is in everything that we do. Even the breath we breath in, we need power to breathe it out, the food we eat, we need ‘power’ to prepare it and eat it, a pregnant woman needs ‘power’ to push another life from her womb to gain life, we need ‘power’ to move from one place to another place, in fact, all living things need power for one reason or the other, etc. In life, power is a weapon no living thing can do without except the death even the death lies on power only they cannot make use of it themselves except the living.What then is Power?

Power is an ability, an energy or a force that pushes an action into a motion for a destination.TheLawsof Acquiringpower:

Power is atom when in unit but when built together from its individual units into a cluster it becomes an atomic bomb to be detonated for action in a specific destination. Growing the powers in you as a human being takes a procedural rules or laws which you need to follow step by step and one step at a time to enable you with the ability to attain  your heart desires and wishes in life!!! And these laws of acquiring power are as follows:1.Wish. You get to wish for what you want to use power for as a weapon before you get power to execute it. Power is nobody’s child and is everybody’s child and that is why you need to wish for what you need it for before it comes to you.

2.Identify the atoms or the units of powers inyou. As I said earlier we cannot talk about power without seeing it as a weapon for an action; so, units of powers in you are gifts embedded in you or gifts of talents you were born along with but they remain potentials until they are grown from their individual units into a formidable cluster of an atomic weapon for an action. How strong you grow the identify atoms or units of powers into an atomic or a cluster bomb determines how strong your action can be.3. Seek forPower. Seeking for power means you get to seek out for masters of powers to mentor those potentials in you into real powers. In every power you seek to get in this universe there are masters in real humans or books of such authorities that can guide you, help you grow those smallest units of powers called atom in you and mentor you into that monster of a bomb or whatever weapon you choose to call it that can detonate a real action. Masters of real powers are always around but often in underground observing the principles of power. Because as they say power is good for the fact that it protects its owner but in the same time power is a bastard once you breach the principles that guide it; it is a no respecter of its owner. You will learn some principles of power here below because you too will start observing the principles of power too once you have become a master of power for your own good.
4. Practice. In whatever power you sought in this World, may it be spiritual in form of mental physical, witch craft, magic or physical human discipline in form of architecture, medicine, law, military, assassin, swimming, athletic, football, tennis, golf, carat, writing, public speaking and what have you, you must practice. It is only through practice that you can become a master of power and make power your own, different from what you get from other source. As they say power on its own is mystery and it is only through practice that you can understand the mystery about power. And it is only through practice that you can command power to obey you than power commanding you back, it is only through practice that you can have the audacity to command power to challenge another power irrespective of the person who posses the authority of the other power.FormidableAllies.  In quest for power personal powers only are never alone; you might think you are strong but when it matters mostly your personal powers only will fail you completely, those are the mysteries of power and that is where you need formidable allies and associates to consolidate on your areas of your deficiency when in confrontation and the saying that one tree cannot make a forest is very much applicable here in course of being in control of power. He who gets power gets the control; you must use the power you have got to influence others to become your allies. You may never know when you will need them most. Apart from being the World’s strongest nation America spend billions of dollars on other nations just to form a formidable alliance with other nations in their quest to wipe out insurgency, terrorism and tyranny around the World to allow personal liberty and freedom panaceas of Man’s rule. Passion. You must be passionate about what you believe in, otherwise, others will not believe you know what you are doing. Your burning anger and desire must drive you crazy to form a fore-core of your power drive to achieve your mission otherwise there will be too many challenges that you will not be able to drive yourself across. You must allow passion to reflect on what your power stands for or wish to get empathy from other powers to consolidate on your existing power to achieve your mission. Because truly, you need empathy in order not to be misconstrued although you do not necessarily need sympathy you do need empathy. Sympathy is bad-marketing, it does not tell good of person’s image, the World only wants to associate with those who have the power to offer something but not with dying Men who have nothing to offer.


Love is a beautiful thing, it is a very important asset among the laws of building power, it is the only law that allows you to keep on gaining more power while others wane down when they get to a point of saturation. Love makes you romance what you wish for and its social environments and the mystery of love is that the more you love something the more it opens up more information for you to know it more and its social environment. And its social environments you romance with love will gladly jump at every opportunity that comes their way to educate you, guide you, and mentor you to accomplish your mission and become one of them because they know you love them. Love is the only law and principle in life that give in returns, others do worn out when they get to the gravitational point of saturation.


Hatred is a bad aural that naturally comes as a result of jealousy to protect what you love or wish for from not being taken away from you by rivals or ruin by enemies. That is why a young person who is in love will always hate every potential person that comes close to the person they are in love with because he or she regards such as rivals to his or her primary interest. The Law of hatred is the worst and most selfish law among all the laws of power. It only works for the purpose of protecting the primary interest you employ it for and drive other interest you would have possibly benefited from away. It closes other channels of growth on its possessor and possibly ruins him in the long run. But because it is a natural thing that comes base on a conceived negative knowledge and interest, successful people have learned to restrict it to the acts of people but not necessarily on people. In other words, successful people hate the bad that people intend to do to them and in anticipation of that they build an extra value capacity power missile to intercept and neutralize it before arrival.

Principles of Power:

 Power is a force and as such it exists and guides by the two Mothers of all principles that controls the entire universe such as Creation and Gravity.

1. Creation.

All powers that exist in the entire universe exist through the principle of creation; and so, for every power to exist it breaks the principle of existence of another power to create its own existence. Either it breaks the principle of the existence of the cosmos to fill another order or it breaks the principle of existence of a void to fill a void or it breaks the principle of full capacity of existence of another power by reducing the power of that other power to come out of that other power to gain life. The stress a pregnant Mother takes to nurture a baby for nine months and deliver the baby weakens the life duration capacity of the Mother for the child to be born to live. To fill a hole a hole must be closed and to dig a hole the order of the ground layers must be broken open.


Power ia created energy and as such, it exists on a conservative durational capacity of its creation; what that means is that power flourishes only on the time bases of its capacity, and once that exhausts, it expires and becomes lifeless. Gravitational principle evolves around all creations, it is a way of checking the very excesses that power might put in display in regards to creations by the creator. That is why there is a saying that power has no limit except in the hands of God the creator. What that means is that where one power ends that is where another begings. If it likes, let the entire earth surface cover with the excess of flood water from the sea during raining season may as result of an essessive down puoring into the sea and covering the earth surface just as it happened during the biblical Noah’s day when it covers the entire earth surface with flood; so also, when it comes to dry season it will also dry back again just as it also did back then.

LawsofGuardingPower. To be continued.
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