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    D’ Prince: (I have often been questioned by people around me; why your compound girl? Will it not be too complicated a journey ? There are girls everywhere you can bring in from outside your hood to your bunk without any of such unnecessary eyebrows.)

    D ‘ Prince: My answer to such questions whenever they pumped had always been simple; if love knows its destinations then it wouldn’t have always found itself in strange lands. I don’t think love knows where the headache aches. It travels down to the enemies’ camp and settled there as if all is well in life in general. Love knows known human barricades, love is fearless, love is the only one that dares the enemies’ camp without weapon and conquered; for love on its own is the greatest weapon of all times. And that is why love is not a human being but the very essence of God deeply rooted in the heart of a man to motorised both his deliberate and his in-deliberate actions. No wonder it is called love and any other thing outside its strangeness is mere pretends and counterfeit. So, am in love with my next door neighbour girl and so what ? If that is my crime then let the whole world hunt me down and let me live no more. After all, in all man’s life he lives ultimately for only love and money; his loved ones make him happy and he goes out there to get money to make them happy too. And in any case, if I die for love I died for a more noble course than the biblical mighty king Nimrod.

    D’ Prince: Some say love is a deep feeling rooted in the heart of a man, an uncontrollable feelings, strong feelings, all are feelings, feelings, feelings, some even say love is blind and whatever it is that you yourself might also want to define it of which I don’t really bother much about right now, though, and all I do know right now is that there is love, it is real and it is the extraordinary positive force of God in a man.

    D’ Prince: She beeps to me the pompom horn all day long with her uncounted greetings and all night long flashes of her greenlight from her looks and from her movements.

    D’ Prince: I live in one room apartment in the same compound which she lives with her parents.

    D’ Prince: She served the food in her hands all time long across my door to her best friend, May (landlady’s last daughter) and on her way going she greets to give me the sound of the horn, pompom, and the flashes of the greenlight from her looks and from her movements as if that is all that she can do.

    ‘The Treasure: Good afternoon
    D’ Prince: Afternoon, how are you?
    ‘The Treasure: Fine fine.
    ‘The Treasure: Good evening
    D’ prince: What’s up?
    ‘The Treasure: Fine fine and you?
    D’ Prince: Great
    ‘The Treasure: Good morning
    D’ prince: morning, how far ?
    ‘The Treasure: fine oh!
    D’ Prince: And that goes on and on.

    D’ Prince: I do know that to the female folk greenlight is a mere invitation to the male that she likes him as a person but that does not necessarily mean that she is not going to give him a hard fight of his life to win her until she brings all his manly ego down into that her insatiable hand bang where she will be crawling and begging her with everything he holds dearly in his life for her answers and become nothing of his own but purely hers before she can considered granting him a visa to that of her stoned heart . The fault is never theirs but the poor innocent lover boys who chooses not to be play boys but to stick to one as a nonsensical evil that they must learn how to live with as true love.

    D’ Prince: Having begin to develop interest in her; I decided to take a critical understudy of her and from my findings she is simply the best among all others that I have both encountered or moved with in terms of morals. The summery of it is that she is from the same Christian religion background with me but a different denomination (she is a Catholic while am a Jehovah’s Witnesses), She is from a culturally inclined conservative family while am a liberal as a person, she is from the East while am from the South, she is the last of two among children of a family while am the last among the children of six. And looking at her waist closely with my eagle eyes I found out that this girl has not yet known a man; for her hymen membrane has not yet been torn off by any man to send a message to the ovulation circle to develop the waist into a full blown productive capacity as a fully developed woman. Although, some women body nature do seemed deceptive but if she is on the contrary I will be highly surprised. This girl must be a raw crude; I said to myself.

    D’ Prince: Among all those findings I don’t have any single problem; am not a culturally inclined type neither am I a religionist. The only area I supposed to have a problem with her which I have always had problems with most of my girls that I have moved with is morals because truly am a moralist. I always hide it under the cover of my liberalness in order not to be too critical about my fellow human beings. So, upon morals, just as I said earlier, she is simply the best.

    D’ Prince: My views concerning religion are in glad tidings with Fame Agidife’s controversial article; ” Religion Is Man’s Moronic Acid”. And culture ? If you see me on one on one with the way I reason you will not believe that am someone that was born and brought up in this country; meaning, culture to me is a mere piece of artifacts that is meant to remind people of their past identity and not as a center piece of how man should live. How man lives ought to be centered on a conscientious morals on what is good and what is bad; and that is how God created humans. Any other thing outside that is a satanic import into the conscientious walls of man.

    D’ Prince: Having found all I needed in a woman in her, I started plotting my strategies like a cat prowling for the rat to pounce upon.

    D’ Prince: We met at the well side; the well side which is at the very entrance of the compound, spotted exactly 1meter away from the compound gate on your opening into the compound, and that is where all tenants meet to get life saving water for whatever purpose you might want to use it for.

    D’ Prince: I called her aunty because that is what the compound children called her whenever she returned from school while she called me brother in return playfully. I called her best friend M which is the shortened form of her name May.

    D’ Prince: So, there we met at the well side just as usual with every other person in the compound for the same interest of water but for different purposes.

    D’ Prince: So I called her; aunty just as I usually called her before and she replied.

    ‘The Treasure: Brother, good afternoon.

    D’ Prince: Aunty, afternoon, how far?

    ‘The Treasure: Fine fine.

    D’ Prince: She wore a light green designer’s singlet with its 3 quarter nicker. Of course I admired the choice of its colour it is one of my favourite colour for women when it comes to casual wears. Still right up there in my mind’s eyes I can still see her beautiful apple shape seductive light skin boobs bouncing healthily inside with the yet-to-sucked dark green colour nipples well erotically pointed out towards my mouth from the light green singlet. I cannot remember exactly whether I praised her for the wears or not as I was seeing a little more of something else. OK, yes, I did.

    D’ Prince: I always like your mode of wears it’s like you have a way of picking your favourite colours.

    D’ Prince: She was not flattered with my primitive way of praising a woman and she responded.

    ‘The Treasure: Haba, am I not a girl ? Every modern girl must know what’s up na. Even old mamas self know what’s up.

    D’ Prince: One the about me is that I do not really care much about reactions from my primitive way of approaches to others because as to the protocols, I know I do not really have them much as such to give to anyone but I know with time you will really get to be fun of me in a great deal. So, I continued.

    D’ Prince: You don’t look like someone that was brought up in this neighborhood.

    ‘The Treasure: Hor, I was born and raised up in this very compound here, I mean in this very house.

    D’ Prince: I like your carriage, it select you out in midst of many and that is great of you.

    ‘The Treasure: ‘Thank you uh!

    D’ Prince: You are welcome

    D’ Prince: I cannot really recollect exactly what I was at the well doing whether I was washing cloth or fetching water that I cannot really tell.

    D’ Prince: One thing for sure with me is that I do not like getting my time overstayed when in midst of females before I get the little respect they are managing to give me on the floor as a foot march. So, I left a bit satisfied with my advances.

    D’ Prince: This happened another day probably on one Sunday afternoon, I sat on top of a 25ltr empty yellow gallon just outside my room and she too sat on a bench outside their house facing our side as their own side is the first building facing our side from the compound entrance to our side which is at the rear side of the compound. For good 15 to 20 minutes both of us were just gazing at each other doing looking competition.

    D’ Prince: It seems her sister came with her husband and her children that day. And two hefty bouncing kids bounced from their house outside to meet her, a boy and a girl. So she decided introduced them to me.

    ‘The Treasure: See my sister’s children !

    D’ Prince: Great ! Big bouncing kids !!

    ‘The Treasure: Yap

    D’ Prince: Very soon you will have yours too.

    ‘The Treasure: Yes of course.

    D’ Prince: And our looking competition continues until I later went inside my room to blown myself up with a hand fan as there was no electricity supply, so I just stay indoor till when the day later passed by.

    D’ Prince: Another day we both met at the well side again but to me this time around not like as the usual aunty and brother greetings of how are you, how is school and how work? Only, no, but I need a good information about her personality. Fine, you might say I was beginning to expect too much but what we are talking about here is of special interest of a life time so I need to know as much as I can to help me take a firm decisions.

    D’ Prince: Yes, all my attention is now on her and I needed to know more.

    ‘The Treasure: Brother, good afternoon

    D’ Prince: Aunty, afternoon, how are you?

    ‘The Treasure: Fine and you ?

    D’ Prince: Cool.

    D’ Prince: In my life, once I have been be able to define and established what I want I do not necessarily mind protocols as such because it has already taking me too much time to have been a able to define what I wanted, I know will no longer have much time left for me so I will be rushing like a man of impromptu. At that, I started asking her straight questions; what are you reading in school?

    ‘The Treasure: Law.

    D’ Prince: So you are my liar !

    ‘The Treasure: For where, I can never be a liar

    D’ Prince: Stories, that is how you people will always say.

    ‘The Treasure: lie ke, I can never be a liar.

    D’ Prince: We drag on but all those ones were just a mere prolonging of issues so that I will not be seen as if I just wanted to browse information from her and leave immediately. However, whether good or bad I have gotten the information I needed, so, I left her back to my bunk while she was still washing cloth there.

    • D’ Prince: Again, with that singular information I got from her gave me another dimension of my assessment on her; that means this girl has the energy it takes to preserve her personality away from her real character unlike those empty drums out there that make the loudest noise just as my mother used to say.
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