The decline was one of the reasons that Blizzard

According to an interview that Polish gambling magazine Pixel (via Reddit) had with game manager Tom Chilton with wow gold classic, World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers spiked to a huge 10 million in the wake of the launching of World of Warcraft: Legion. Given that Legion is widely being considered as one of the greatest expansions for World of Warcraft, and certainly the very best in a lengthy time, that isn’t surprising at all. “Presently, [the subscriber amounts are] around 10.1 million,” Chilton said (translation by NeoGAF). “You know, it is difficult to state exactly what the future will bring. We have an internal rival — Overwatch but it’s possible it’ll become even higher than 12 million”

His confidence may not be unfounded- that the incredible player reception to Legion probably ensures that gamers will probably stick around, unlike what occurred with Warlords of Draenor, the previous expansion that saw an identical spike following its launch, followed shortly by a devastating reduction. The decline was one of the reasons that Blizzard stopped announcing World of Warcraft amounts — a policy that they’re sticking to in the aftermath of Legion’s evident success, since they’ve refuted these amounts in a new report. “Our policy for nearly a year now is that we don’t speak about subscriber numbers, and Tom did not do this with this publication.”

The Emerald Nightmare is the latest raid for World of Warcraft, released at the newest expansion Legion, and it recently received Mythic problem, thus making it the hardest piece of content in the game. The final boss Xavius was defeated in two hours and this was at a time when the other leading guilds were still dealing with Cenarius, the prior boss.

There will be a Mythic+ difficulty from the future to really distinguish the men from the boys but it’s impressive all the same to find that a guild complete such a difficult item of content so quickly after launching. What are your ideas on the success of Exorsus? It coincides with the Raid Finder’s first wing getting available now to buy classic gold. The next wing goes live on October 11th and the third wing is live on October 25th.


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